FLOW: a river orchard on the Exe


I am in full swing with the Exeter/Gingko Projects & East Devon Council commision. I am reconfiguring the Environment Agency’s planting scheme to create a ribbon orchard along the site (around 5km) to enhance the habitat for pollinators and foragers of all descriptions. This is a complex partnership between different communities, landowners, govt.agencies and there are some great people involved. The project includes an Orchard Lab on 21 June, a day with people from local communities of Exwick & St Thomas, Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency & Exeter City Council considering the possibilities and intricacies of realising the project. I’m also taking groups running in the site to explore the relationship between trees, breath and carbon in a performative way (Tom Powell, earth systems scientist has been helping me create this work) & I’m collaborating with Amy Shelton to make an Orchard Box to collect and share thoughts, ideas, visions, perspectives on the project. (the pic is looking at the stomata (breathing apparatus) of an apple leaf (Devonshire Quarrendon) down a microscope


An exhibition at Bridport Art Centre which explores food, farming & our relationship with the environment. The other artists are Nessie Reid & Chris Drury. Get in touch with the Art Centre if you would like to attend the discussion & meal on 25 May.

River Exe Residency

I have just started a residency which runs until September working for Gingko Projects with East Devon District Council, Exeter City Council, Environment Agency and Devon Wildlife Trust. I’m currently in the research phase, getting to know the people, the site which runs along the River Exe as it passes through the city of Exeter, and its inhabitants.Will keep you posted as I will be running a series of events in Spring/Summer.


Apple Olympics @FruitRoutes


See Fruit Routes blog

Harvest Home & closer to home

On 9 & 10 September the Field of Wheat Collective and visitors came together on the farm, for a two day harvest celebration as the concluding live event of A Field of Wheat. Discussions and talks from Collective members Emily Wilczek, Nick Groom & Geoff Tansey took place in a specially design straw bale structure made by Collective members Mark Parsons and Jon Orlek from Studio Polpo & Brant Broughton Quakers hosted us for a live Collective Enquiry at their Meeting House. On Saturday workshops, discussions, games, performances, installations took place over the farm and in the local village hall and we all came together for a final performance on the field, fire & feast of ale, bread & cakes (baked by the Collective) made from flour from the field milled at a local 8 sail windmill. See the Artists’s Pages for more info on the mask and harvest ritual.¬† The whole thing was exhausting, wet, windy and hugely rewarding.

Earlier in the month & closer to home, ran a session on Field Sensing at the Dark Mountain Festival  & also was invited as guest speaker on a discussion around Land Literacy and Farming on the Edge of Extinction

Day 294

juneeventIts 294 days since we planted the Field of Wheat. This is a picture from the June event on the farm where we explored the water infrastucture, inputs and co-inhabitants of the farm, and as the wheat ripens we are in the midst of Decision 2 online – how to sell the wheat? and also planning for the harvest event in September. Loads more info on the website.

Rebellions of the Belly

As part of my work with Productive Margins I’ve taken the Shed on Wheels to Bristol and am running events in Knowle West including Taste of Knowle West an ‘urban produce show’ to celebrate and bring people together around growing & cooking in the area. In Easton I’m working with the Somali women’s group & Coexist community kitchen to create the Somali Kitchen in the Shed on Wheels serving Somalian street food and inviting people to join their fledgling campaign around regulation and fast food takeaways in the area.