Ireland trip and FLOW in blossom

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Ruth & I (Field of Wheat) very much enjoyed being the guests of Martina Finn (Curator) as part of a day long event on art and agroecology organised by Third Space Galway and Alastair Fraser Maynooth University at the Food Sovereignty Conference. Amazing to see the work of the Irish Seedsavers and hear Saturnino ‘Jun’ Borras, one of the founders of Via Campesina.

I’m walking the FLOW route this sunday with Nigel Pinhorn (ecologist) and Mary-Rose Lane (environment agency) and being welcomed in Exwick  as part of their blossom day. The next event is a community gathering to look at next steps for FLOW.  Look at FLOW website for more details.



Fruit Routes book now available online

Looking Forward

nightjarfinTeaching next week at Schumacher College with ace facilitators Ruth Ben-Tovim (Encounters) and Lucy Neal (Playing for Time) on The Art of Invitation.  Also heading to Southern Ireland at Easter with collaborator Ruth Levene to work with curator Martina Finn from Third Space Galway to create a participatory event inspired by the themes and concept of A Field of Wheat in Galway City and to be part of a Food Sovereignty Festival at NUI Maynooth. June means Nightjars in the East Devon commons and after becoming obsessed with these elusive creatures last year, I’m already looking forward to spending time out on the common in a collaboration with Tony Whitehead  Sharing Space with Nightjars on midsummer weekend, as part of Thelma Hulbert’ Gallery’s work with East Devon AONB. This event is open to the public so let me know if you are interested in coming along.

How do we welcome the trees?

images by Jenny Steer. Over 300 people participated in a weekend of orchard planting, , toast plaiting, lanternmaking,  bug hotel renovating, mulled cider drinking, wordsearching, wassailing, seedball making, storytelling,  listening, eating together, blossom viewing, pot clattering, merrymaking. A brilliant weekend, thank you everyone!


Cranbrook Seedbox

A micro-commission for Spacex in Cranbrook (a new town built on the edge of Exeter). I created a Seedbox working with Incredible Edible Cranbrook and the Cranbrook Potluck. The seeds have come from around Cranbrook and have been shared from further afield to start off this ‘new’ growing community by linking it to existing seed saving and growing networks in the region and creating a resource to be shared as a practical resource, at events & for learning and education. Seeds in the Seedbox include edible plants and plants for wildife and pollinators.  In 2018, Seedbox will be housed in the new Learning Centre in Cranbook Country Park. Get in touch with Cranbrook Potluck on facebook if you would like any seeds or to find out more.


Art of Invitation, FLOW & A Field of Wheat

Teaching another short course The Art of Invitation at Schumacher College in February next year with Lucy Neal and Ruth Ben-Tovim in partnership with the Ecological Design MA  (more course info here) and speaking at RAMM, Exeter as part of EXE conference, on the FLOW project on 10 November. Also, In Manchester presenting on A Field of Wheat as part of Littoral Arts Hyper Rural Symposium on 22 November.